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The book "You're the Leader. Now What? — Leadership Lessons from Mayo Clinic"
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Praise and Reviews

Five Star Review
“As an established leader, I can confirm that this book does not just tell you what it takes to be a successful leader, it actually walks you through the how of application, something that many books gloss over or skip altogether. Each week since I received You’re the Leader, Now What?, I find myself applying the language or the lessons learned from this book. From establishing a shared reality (the first stage in the ROW Forward framework, and one stage that I make too many assumptions during) to being up on the balcony to help with perspective, you won’t be disappointed with this book.” – Lyn Sonnenberg

Five Star Review
“The book does a wonderful job covering the internal and external game of leadership – and moves the reader towards the question of how they can make better sense of situations through a leadership lens. Well done and highly recommended for anyone stepping into a challenging leadership opportunity.” – Raymond J. Luther

Five Star Review
“An essential guide to leadership, packed with insights, mental models, useful examples, and practical steps, all delivered in plain English and without jargon. I plan to give a copy to all of my new leaders.” –
Robert M. Wachter, MD

Five Star Review
“Leaders are always looking around for ways to reinforce what they know, to provide other ways of looking at the same thing and to learn from others around them. This book can help you to keep up the “dialogue” you run in your head as a leader. It challenges you to remember your own situations as you read and to compare those to what the author is discussing to compare and contrast.” – Lisa

Five Star Review
“I read a lot about leadership to improve my practice. 20 years in, I thought I had this topic pretty much covered. Until I read “You’re the Leader, Now What?” The best part of the book is the second half, where leadership in complex situations is unpacked. Leadership can be messy. The second half of the book provides a framework to organize complex situations and to organize yourself. This book is at the front of my (virtual) bookshelf!” – Jonathon S

Five Star Review
“This jam-packed leadership book, by the director of Leadership Development for the Mayo Clinic Care Network, covers an amazing array of leadership principles, tools, and tips—and a bit of therapy on the side. If I were still a CEO, I’d make this book required reading for each direct report. It’s perfect for new leaders and it’s a stimulating reminder for old leaders (I mean…veteran leaders).” – John W. Pearson

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Image of the front and back cover of the book "You're the Leader. Now What?" by Richard Winters MD

This book helps you:

  • Question best practice.
  • Explore fear and worries.
  • Delegate and develop.
  • Lead with story.
  • Challenge assumptions.
  • Cultivate diversity.
  • Create shared reality.
  • Spark engagement.
  • Think before reacting.
  • Decrease burnout.
  • Teach, coach, supervise, and sponsor.
  • Take charge in chaos.
  • Align behavior with values.
  • Drive and achieve results.

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